Lindsay Transport launches truck safety tool

Lindsay Australia announces new CEO.

SafeWork NSW and Lindsay Transport have released a truck safety training tool for the on-boarding and induction of workers in the NSW road freight industry which will promote safer practices.

SafeWork Director of WHS Services Regional, Lisa Foley, said the augmented reality phone or online app will guide a driver through processes for entering or exiting the cabin, how to safely couple and uncouple trailers, conducting safety inspections and preventing vehicle rollaway incidents.

“The nature of the work in the transport industry makes it a high-risk for workplace fatalities and serious injuries, with major claims for injuries are around 50 per cent greater than the average employment sector,” Foley said.

“We see serious injuries continue to occur when vehicles are being loaded and unloaded and during routine maintenance activities. But beyond the truck we are seeing workers being hit by moving objects, being trapped between objects and being impacted by a rollaway,” she said.

The augmented reality application can be used in a studio mode or artificial environment.

It can also be used with the truck in place in a real world environment according to Foley.

“The format is process driven and establishes a workflow requiring the user to interact with the driver and truck wherever it is located,” she said.

“This training puts in place standards which will promote safe working environments. For example, before climbing into your cab on onto your vehicle you should get the mud off your shoes to stop you from slipping.”

The new app was produced as part of an enforceable undertaking with Lindsay Transport, which included a three-month radio media campaign targeting driver fatigue, speeding, use of mobile phones and uncontrolled movement of vehicles.

Lindsay Australia CEO, Kim Lindsay, said the company had worked closely with SafeWork to deliver important safety messages for the industry, including developing the Augmented Reality app to improve training in high-risk areas.

“The transport industry is a dangerous industry. We are working with large plant and equipment on a daily basis,” he said.

“This free tool which supports new workers through their systems of work can only improve safety around the vehicle.”

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