Glen Cameron Group pursues safety and environmental care in latest acquisitions

Furthering its well-documented environmental and safety credentials, transport company Glen Cameron Group has taken delivery of a further three Euro 6 Mercedes-Benz B-double prime movers for its interstate operations.

Glen Cameron Group Asset Manager, Shane Coates, said the new Euro 6 prime movers, comprising one 2653 and two 2651 units, join a dozen more which have been purchased by the company over the last 12 months.

“This isn’t just the next step up from Euro 5, it is a whole new level,” said Coates.

“The safety features that come with the Safety Pack are what you previously would have only seen in expensive European cars, but now they are available in trucks too.”

One element of the package is Attention Assist, a system that monitors the level of alertness of the driver based on various parameters, including steering behavior and remaining within the lane.

“Attention Assist works on the assumption that the ability of the driver to consistently maintain the vehicle within the lane diminishes as driver fatigue sets in,” said Coates.

“This function was not available with previous Euro 5 models.”

Then there’s Lane Keeping Assist which uses a digital camera behind the windscreen to determine the truck’s position in relation to both the left- and right-hand lane markings. It provides an audible ‘rumble strip’ warning through the truck’s speakers – left or right depending on which direction the truck has strayed.

According to Coates, the features of Safety Pack that raise the bar to a whole new level are Proximity Control Assist in conjunction with Active Brake Assist.

The former feature uses a radar unit mounted on the front bumper or bullbar which continuously monitors the distance to the vehicle ahead. This directs the cruise control to maintain a preset distance between the two vehicles.

The latter feature autonomously applies the service brakes when it detects an imminent collision with a vehicle or object ahead. If necessary, the system enables the truck to be brought to a complete stop –reducing the risk of rear end collision.

“All this technology combined with our MT Data telematics and camera capabilities in trucks was unimaginable just five or six years ago,” said Coates.

“Actually, I have to say I probably would have imagined it, but just wasn’t sure we would ever see it – and now it’s here.” 

Coates added that fuel economy with the new Euro 6 Mercedes-Benz prime movers is yet another outstanding feature.

“We’ve never seen fuel economy quite like this,” he said. “When we compared the figures side-by-side, night after night between Mercedes-Benz and other brands, it made a very compelling case.

“In choosing these vehicles we also factored in driver comfort, safety features, Euro 6 compliance, Mercedes-Benz after-sales support and the fact that it’s a great looking truck. All of these features align with our brand strategy.”

Coates added that the Glen Cameron Group has had a relationship with Mercedes-Benz that reaches back over 15 years.

“To be sure we’ve had our challenges over this time, but the Mercedes-Benz products together with the relationship and ongoing support have kept us going strong. In fact, things have never been better,” he said.

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