Followmont poised for expansion

Followmont Transport continues to grow and is extending its services through acquisition.

Following the recent acquisition of North Queensland based, Bradco Transport, Managing Director, Mark Tobin, commented that the business is looking into other areas that offer a strategic solution for their customers.

“Followmont has a clear business and growth strategy, seeing us target acquisitions that add value to our customers, progressively growing and ensuring service levels are maintained,” said Tobin.

Working with Bradco owners since October last year, Followmont’s Senior Executives, identified the opportunity to leverage Bradco’s existing network and provide additional infrastructure for their produce service.

This approach has reportedly resulted in 80 per cent growth for the FNQ Solutions arm of Followmont and has meant they have been able to assist their valued customers in their own business growth and begin to build solid foundations with new customers.

Tobin said the venture had been on the cards for some time as they have a close relationship with the Bradley family.

“I have the upmost respect for Ken and everything he has achieved with his family and through his career,” he said.

“So after many discussions on his retirement, I knew Followmont would serve his customers well, carry on the partnerships he had created and also offer future growth for Followmont’s existing customers.”

Followmont’s successful model has seen the company sustainably grow year after year and future proof their business through their property portfolio.

Strategically investing in a footprint that allows their network to offer a reach and solution that works in with their customers’ needs.

“Our property is actually the backbone of our business,” said Tobin.

“We developed Bootooloo Property in 2017 with the intention of owning our own assets, controlling our future, and driving organisational agility.

“Working alongside Bootooloo, we have secured real estate throughout Queensland and New South Wales to invest in our network and complement our business strategy.”

The significant real estate portfolio allows Followmont to leverage its property plan and maximise return on investment.

Since July 2016, Followmont has invested over $180 million in its fleet, network infrastructure and property and has plans to invest up to $230 million more in the coming years.

The latest project in Followmont’s midst is a new Sydney development, providing the company the freedom of expansion as they continue to outgrow their current site.

Even with this large project underway, Tobin said the transport leader is on a path to source suitable bolt-on businesses, that will only strengthen their pipeline.

“We will continue to grow and are on the hunt for further mergers and acquisitions,” said Tobin.

“We will do this the right way though, and our commitment and service will not waiver.

“I am so confident with our Senior Leadership Team and the level of knowledge and passion that our entire team brings.

“I know we have the right people on the ground to continue our success and invest in the right places.”

In other news: after reporting a $14 million investment in 2022 towards new and modern fleet equipment, Followmont Transport accepted delivery of nine new prime movers over nine days in the lead up to Christmas.

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