ZF reveals new mixer drive

ZF Services Australia launched its innovative new mixer drive, the Ecomix II during the Brisbane Truck Show which took place from Thursday 5 May through to Sunday 8 May.

The new ZF Ecomix II mixer drive is smaller, lighter, stronger and quieter than its predecessors. Its compact size also enhances flexibility, making it suitable for different types of truck and mixing drum layouts.

“ZF is a world-leader in mixer drive design and technology, our product is used by manufacturers from Europe to the USA and China,” said Original Equipment Sales Manager, Gary Bain.

“With the Ecomix II we have taken the original Ecomix design and looked to improve it in every area, and ended up with an entirely new product that has enhanced performance right across the operating spectrum.

“Mixer trucks are an important market where product design flexibility and durability are paramount, so I am delighted that ZF once again leads the field.”

ZF’s innovative new mixer drive features enhanced durability and servicing.
Output bearing strength and sealing has been significantly increased, making installation less sensitive in off-road applications, while an adapted weight optimised slow-running radial piston motor and separate oil volume for the transmission reduces servicing requirements.

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