ZF-Intarder tops 800,000 sales worldwide

Transmission specialist ZF recently announced it recorded the 800,000th sale of the 'Intarder' product. Designed to be fitted to a truck or bu, the auxiliary braking system first came on the market in 1992.

According to ZF, the system will take the load of slowing a truck or bus down away from the vehicle's main brakes, in order to reduce wear on brake components and keep them in reserve for emergency situations.

Over the years, the Intarder design has been fine-tuned and now weighs in at just 65 kg on a normal truck. The current model is the third generation of Intarder, but smaller and easier to fit than the original.

“The Intarder is such a success … because commercial vehicles of all kinds can decelerate safely and without wear in any driving situation,” said Winfried Grndler, Head of the Truck and Van Driveline Technology business unit at ZF. 
”This conserves the main brake, giving it a longer life, and reduces maintenance costs for fleet owners.”

According to Grndler, one in three of all ZF transmissions used on commercial vehicles being produced today is fitted with the Intarder system. The new AMT from ZF, the Traxon has been designed to fully integrate with the retarder and is expected to sell in even higher numbers as a Intarder coupled to the transmission.

The Intarder now offers a braking torque up to 4000 Nm (2950 ft lb), with the maximum braking power of up to 800 hp (600 kW). Using the engine's cooling system, the Intarder has been able to be more effective, as the cooling capacity of engines has increased in recent years, with the introduction of more severe exhaust gas emission regulations.

This latest generation has simplified integration into truck brake management systems with a new electronic control unit, and included synchronisation with the requirements of modern cruise control systems. It has also been used widely as part of the adaptive cruise control, ABS and stability systems on trucks

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