ZF develops new Innovation Truck

Transmission specialist, ZF, has unveiled a new concept truck that integrates advanced transmission, steering and telematics systems in one vehicle. The ZF Innovation Truck can be controlled via a tablet app.

The aptly named 'Innovation Truck' was devised by ZF Friedrichshafen and ZF Lenksysteme, and is a joint venture of ZF and Bosch, as well as telematics specialist, Openmatics.

“With our Innovation Truck, we illustrate the additional potential already present in our current technologies,” said Dr Stefan Sommer, CEO of ZF. “We have realised completely new assistant functions that are incredibly efficient and, at the same time, relatively simple to implement.

“They can also provide answers to many of the complex challenges that forwarding and logistics companies face on a daily basis.”

According to ZF, the Innovation Truck design comes with a high degree of autonomous control capability, designed to simplify both the daily work of truck drivers and logistics processes, especially at depots.

“The manoeuvring assistant in the Innovation Truck completely relieves the driver of this steering work and much more,” said Olrik Weinmann, Project Manager in Advanced Engineering and Testing at ZF. “They can get out and move the tractor-trailer to the exact position required with only small finger movements and using a special tablet app.”

The ZF Innovation Truck will be unveiled at the upcoming IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014 in Hannover, Germany in September.

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