Wodonga to provide stopover for truck drivers

Australia's busiest freight route between Melbourne and Sydney will soon have a central service hub in Wodonga providing much needed facilities to support long-haul truck drivers.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional and Rural Development, Peter Ryan, this week, joined Member for Benambra, Bill Tilley, to announce the development at Logic as part of the $15.8 million Wodonga Logic Transport Project.

“The major new development will include the construction of a 24-hour service centre, a Fatigue Management Centre (large rest area) for up to 45 trucks and a secure area for the exchange of trailers between Sydney-based and Melbourne-based drivers,” Ryan said. “The Fatigue Management Centre, in particular, will be a major improvement addressing the critical shortage of rest areas along this route that has existed for many years.”

“The trailer interchange site will support greater flexibility for drivers, allowing Melbourne-based drivers to exchange trailers with Sydney-based counterparts, which will effectively reduce time away from their home base,” he added.

According to Ryan, the Victorian Coalition Government would contribute $1.64 million towards the project from its flagship $1 billion Regional Growth Fund.

“In addition to 48 indirect jobs, it's expected that the Wodonga Logic Transport Project will create up to 120 direct ongoing jobs at the site including service centre attendant roles, jobs in food and beverage, delivery and cleaning,” Ryan said. “It will also build on the strength of the existing Logic Industry Park, which is already a major industrial hub supporting 470 full-time employees across a range of industries including food distribution, skills training and freight networks.”

Tilley also added that the Regional Growth Fund was critical in supporting locally driven projects that create jobs, growth and development. “In its first 12 months the Regional Growth Fund has supported over 450 projects valued at more than $368 million,” he said. “The Victorian Government is also partnering with the Commonwealth to invest $9 million through the Nation Building Program to upgrade several heavy vehicle rest areas along the Hume Freeway.”

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