WHG announcement with RPM tailored to commercial fleets

RPM and WHG senior executives agree to a new partnership in Australia.

Telematics company, WHG, has agreed to a strategic partnership with aftermarket specialist RPM Automotive Group Limited (RPM) it has announced.

The partnership promises to transform the telematics landscape in Australia, by making cutting-edge technology more affordable and accessible, and improving the safety and efficiency of commercial fleets nationwide.

RPM has a long history in the automotive space, offering a diverse portfolio of products and services, covering motorsport, repairs and roadside, wheels and tyres, and performance and accessories, operating as an industry leader in the automotive and heavy commercial sector.

The partnership introduces a comprehensive SaaS (Software as a Service) product suite tailored for heavy commercial fleet customers.

It marks the beginning of a new recurring revenue stream for RPM, that is expected to become a significant contributor to the company’s future earnings scaling over the next 36 months.

Together, RPM will offer the full WHG connected ecosystem of telematics, smart on-board mass, fatigue control, and a suite of related services designed to meet and exceed current safety and compliance standards.

“WHG is a market leader in the cost-effective adoption of technology across different market segments and industry verticals,” said WHG Director and Australia CEO, Dylan Hartley.

“The RPM Group was identified as a leader that plugs directly into the heart of Australian trucking. Its diversified offer in the automotive space makes RPM the perfect partner. This partnership will unlock benefits for fleet customers and opens a new technology-based recurring revenue stream for RPM,” he said.

“Our partnership with RPM is exciting, and we expect significant growth as the partnership matures.”

Because the average age of a truck in Australia is over 14 years Hartley said, as an industry, companies like his are responsible to support operators by responding to industry safety, regulatory and compliance changes, making technology accessible and affordable as a retrofit to the Australian truck fleet.

“This Partnership allows us to use our WHG trusted brand and products to enable technology adoption and uplift the safety of the fleet,” he added.

The partnership will help highlight RPM’s role as the largest distributor of WHG’s innovative products and services in Australia.

“Addressing the impending phasing out of the 3G network and new heavy commercial vehicle mass compliance legislation, the partnership is a proactive step towards modernising fleet technology and ensuring nationwide safety and compliance,” the companies said in a joint statement.

The partnership offers an array of certified technology products including Smart On-Board Mass systems, telematics, and fatigue management.

Image: WHG.

These solutions are designed to meet the stringent standards required for industry compliance and operational excellence.

The agreement comes in response to new market requirements and the high adoption rate of technology in Australia.

According to both companies the new partnership is positioned to address these demands.

With over 1,000,000 heavy commercial vehicles registered in Australia, the partnership holds the potential to significantly impact fleet management technology adoption, standards and safety.

RPM Automotive Group CEO Guy Nicholls said it was an exciting time for the company as it introduced cutting-edge technology, and a new style of product and service across the network — including the SaaS recurring revenue.

“The introduction is timely with State-based legislation driving the adoption of safety and compliance regulations, for heavy commercial fleet operators nationwide being introduced in 2024,” he said.

“As such, we are well positioned to provide our commercial fleet customers with certified technology solutions that meet all compliance requirements and improves safety for all road stakeholders.

“RPM is a market leader with an extensive national network. WHG is a market leader in onboard vehicle technology development, this presents a significant service opportunity for our customers, and the commercial vehicle industry.

“I believe RPM is well placed to enter this new technology phase of growth that will not only provide additional recurring revenue streams but will also provide us with a substantial competitive advantage that supports our reputation for operational excellence and efficiencies and moves us forward as an industry leader in the Australian automotive aftermarket sector.”

The partnership aligns with WHG’s broader vision of enhancing technology adoption across all market segments in Australia and is a progressive step to support the heavy commercial industry.

“We are committed to delivering innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations, driving the industry forward towards a safer, more efficient future,” the company said in a statement.

RPM Automotive Group Limited comprises a number of businesses involved in importing, wholesaling and retailing of tyres, mechanical repairs, motorsport apparel and safety equipment, niche manufacturing and a roadside assistance service for the transport industry.

RPM owns brands such as RPM Racewear, Carline, Genie, Formula Off-Road, RPM Autoparts, Safety Dave, Max 4×4.

WHG is a supplier of telematics, IoT and tailor-made technology solutions including vehicle and asset tracking, fleet management, fatigue, and driver safety technology, with over 35 years of experience supplying innovative tech solutions to various industries.

WHG specialises in vehicle tracking solutions, fleet management, vehicle telematics, connected mobility, automotive services, insurance telematics, driver fatigue, and distraction technology.

WHG is a supplier to several large vehicle manufacturers at the customer and OEM level and is committed to growing the telematics and connected mobility space.

WHG is certified by Transport Certification Australia (TCA) to offer services through the National Telematics Framework as an Application Service Provider (ASP), this certification encompasses type approval of WHG’s telematics device and their Smart On-Board Mass (OBM) system.

With a long history in the technology space, WHG is headquartered in Melbourne Australia with offices in the United States of America, New Zealand, South Africa, India and China, which gives them local representation in major markets.

WHG is a primary producer and manufacturer and is supported by their local Australian team that includes engineering, hardware, software, program and customer support.

The WHG vision is to make the adoption of technology easier and more cost effective across all market segments and industry verticals.

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