Where to from here?

We would work together to improve their operations, chart a course through challenges and set a pathway to profitability. It takes a lot of hard work, planning, good advice and the support of useful tools to keep a business on track through good times and challenging times.

I have a passion for helping people; making sure they have the tools, advice and breaks to really give it a go if they want to. And that is what attracted me to representing the passionate, hardworking and salt of the earth people who are our NatRoad members.

I speak with many members who manage their business operations manually or who have lost a contract they had for 10 years overnight that brings unexpected stress to both business and family. I hear first-hand the impacts of unruly red tape and 90 to 120 day payment terms on trucking businesses large and small.

We can see on the horizon, the ageing workforce behind the wheel and the looming wave of retirement from the industry. Everyday there are calls or conversations pointing towards greater national consistency within the industry. 

I can see that there are significant structural changes taking place within the road transport industry that are testing or about to test the resilience of our individual businesses – particularly the smaller operators.

There is no silver bullet. We need to work together to address the significant barriers to just running a trucking business while ensuring we collectively have the right tools, advice and planning in place to make all our businesses more resilient to market shifts and changes.

Just like the small businesses that once sat with me to work through the tweaks and improvements they could make to their businesses – I want NatRoad to support members to become more efficient, modern, competitive and resilient for the road ahead. Strengthening the industry starts at the door of each of our trucking businesses.

Through NatRoad we have gathered the best business tools and advice, combining them with our existing member benefits and services to deliver a trucking business toolkit that can make a difference to your bottom line and daily operations.

You can access the NatRoad My Trucking Business Toolkit at www.smalltruckingbusiness.com or call NatRoad on 02 6295 3000 and we might be able to give you a tool or two to help you with your business.

Business success in the road transport industry is hard won and worthy of celebration. As the only national member organisation for the road transport industry we are incredibly proud of the members who have stood by us through thick and thin and who have steered their way to success.

Ours is a member base with companies who have been with us and our forerunning organisations for over 35 years. We have spent the past few weeks honouring the loyalty and contribution of our members.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without their support nor would the industry be as vibrant and vital as it is to all Australians.

Once I was helping individual businesses strengthen their operations; today I feel privileged to serve and advocate for our passionate members, our incredible partners and our integral stakeholders in this industry rich with heroic stories and salt of the earth people.

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