Western Star’s show sensation

Western Star Trucks Australia has presented one of the world’s most sensational show truck at this year’s International Truck, Trailer & Equipment Show and won the Expo Award for the “Most Unique Show Attraction”.

Simply named “Wanted”, the vehicle is fitted with custom designed leather saddle bags, leather wrapped fuel tanks, shiny belt buckles and exhaust stacks shaped to look like a twin rifle pointing to the sky.

“It's a piece of artistry that needs to be seen in the flesh to truly appreciate its intricate detail and craftsmanship,” said Pat Cook, Marketing Manager of Western Star Trucks Australia.

Built by a team of custom design specialists in the US for last year’s Mid America truck show and using the “Old West” theme for inspiration, the intent was to produce a vehicle and play up the word “Western” in the brands name. “Western Star Trucks is known for and prides itself on creating showpiece trucks that have visitors gazing in amazement, and ‘Wanted’ is no exception,” said Pat.

“No idea for this unit was deemed too outlandish. It features a 22 inch-high leather wrapped front bumper with a Western Star logo resembling a giant belt buckle, and wrapped air cleaners and exhaust stacks all with matching finish. An immaculate custom paint job coupled with a unique design etched into the stainless steel of the air cleaners, wheel rims, roof edge and inlaid strips on the rear guards, results in a an absolute show stopper.”

The “Wanted” truck’s interior has not been altered, with the company wanting to show off the new OEM interior, which includes all new wood cabinets and a table, dashboard, door panels and upholstery in prairie tan colour.

Typically, Western Star’s show trucks are pre-purchased by a dealer or customer, who takes possession after the truck has been on show. However due to its popularity, Western Star is holding on to it longer than usual to allow others from across the globe to witness “Wanted” up close at various shows around the world. However, the Lo Max “Wanted” truck was built as a show truck only, and is not available in Australia.

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