Western Star Introduces 2nd Reverse Transmission

US truck manufacturer Western Star has introduced a new Allison 4700RDS 2nd reverse transmission for heavy-duty applications in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Built to suit mixer and dump applications, 2nd reverse offers a second, ‘deep reverse’ in addition to the standard reverse to provide increased control and engine braking during operation on steep grades. With a mechanical ratio of 17.12, a vehicle in 2nd reverse will have a slow creep capability with high engine speeds, making up and downhill reversing both easier and safer.

The 2nd reverse transmission is designed to enable increased manoeuvrability for trucks operating in confined spaces, resulting in quicker operation cycles and enhanced productivity. And specifically for the mixer application, the 2nd reverse feature allows trucks to creep in reverse while pouring concrete and maintaining adequate barrel speed.
“Allison’s 2nd reverse provides our heavy-duty customers an overall better performance and increases driver confidence on the job site, ultimately impacting the bottom line,” said Mike Jackson, general manager, Western Star.

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