Western Australia imposes strict conditions on truck drivers entering the state

As of 26 March at 9PM (AWST) all truck drivers seeking to cross the Western Australian border need to complete a Biosecurity Travel Form.

The West Australian Government has introduced the new measures, dubbed Biosecurity Determination 2020, in order to limit the spread of COVID-19.

The restrictions will be imposed on every truck driver seeking to enter designated biosecurity areas within the state.

Biosecurity Travel Forms will be provided to drivers by officers at border check points.

Western Roads Federation (WRF) CEO Cam Dumesny said the Biosecurity Travel Form is in addition to the Transit Form that must be completed by everyone entering Western Australia. He said there are no general exemptions at this stage.

Dumesny also stressed that in Western Australia all freight is essential, meaning all truck drivers are eligible to enter the state.

“Part of the Transit/Arrivals Form enables truck drivers to request an exemption under Essential Traveller status, which will be granted, and they will be allowed to proceed without having to isolate for 14 days,” said Dumesny.

“On page three, section G of the form you will find this definition,” he said, adding that drivers can only stay in WA for as long as is reasonably required to perform their duties.

Dumesny said the WRF is working with other road transport associations to develop a process to present to WA Police and Government to enable a more automated process for the industry.

He said discussions with WA Police indicate that there is no real chance of this happening for at least a week.

“I urge truck operators to please be patient as this is a period of totally uncharted waters,” he said.

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