WestConnex speed increase finally confirmed

The New South Wales Government will increase the speed limit on the WestConnex motorway from 80km/h to 90km/h before the end of the year, it was revealed today.

NSW Premier Chris Minns initally agreed to increase the WestConnex speed limit during the election campaign earlier this year.

While the speed change has now officially been confirmed, it has been revealed that the motorway will need to be closed prior for safety checks.

“We agree with Roads Minister Graham that the 10km/h speed increase from 80km/h to 90km/h must be safe and assessed properly by TfNSW,” a Road Freight NSW spokesperson said.

“We note some European tunnels have speeds up to 110km/h.”

Road Freight NSW has been advocating for an increase to the WestConnex tunnel speed since the election to deliver productivity for the freight sector and the Sydney supply chain.

Earlier today, Road Freight NSW Chief Executive, Simon O’Hara, said truck companies would get an immediate boost following the 10km/h increase.

“Freight operators would see an immediate bump in terms of productivity,” O’Hara told the Daily Telegraph.

“That extra 10km/h increase would deliver for the freight industry and for the community.”

O’Hara recommended the changes be implemented before this year’s Christmas period.

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