Welcome to PACCAR world

Fifteen best-selling Kenworth and DAF prime movers and rigids have been on display at one of the largest ITTES exhibits – PACCAR world.

The centrepiece of PACCAR world and one of the most anticipated truck models was DAF’s new flagship, the award-winning XF 105. Having become one of the most popular trucks across Europe, the sturdu workhorse has now reached Australia’s shore.

But, PACCAR world also showcased the latest developments from Kenworth, including the top-selling cab-over model K200, which has been updated with a new interior including a new dashboard and overhead console arrangement.

According to PACCAR Australia’s Director, Sales and Marketing, Andrew Hadjikakou, the ITTES was the ideal forum to showcase the new Kenworth and DAF range. “The ITTES enables us to connect with a wide industry audience – everyone from drivers and operators to government representatives and other road transport stakeholders,” he says.

“At PACCAR world, we had professionals from every aspect of our business, including engineering, production, and sales as well as representatives from dealers across Australia, New Zealand and PNG. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to understand how PACCAR can improve drivers’ working life and operators’ bottom line.”

At the ITTES, PACCAR also announced that the full suite of Kenworth Electronic Brake Safety Systems (EBSS) – based on the Bendix ASB-6 Advanced system – is now available as an option across the entire truck range.

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