Walmart makes huge EV order from Canoo

American retail giant, Walmart has committed to purchasing 4,500 electric vehicles to be used for its last mile deliveries.

The battery electric vehicles have been ordered from high-tech advanced mobility company, Canoo, to support Walmart’s growing e-commerce business.

Having signed a definitive agreement with the option to purchase up to 10,000 units, Walmart is committed to deploying the Lifestyle Delivery Vehicles (LDV) as part of the company’s goal to achieve zero-emissions by 2040.

While the LDV is expected to begin hitting the road in 2023, the companies have recently commenced advanced deliveries to refine and finalise vehicle configuration in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

Canoo’s fully electric Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle is an American-made commercial EV optimised for sustainable last mile delivery use cases. As with all Canoo vehicles, the LDV is built on a proprietary multi-purpose platform (MPP) architecture that integrates the motors, battery module and other critical driving components. The LDV has a last mile delivery optimised cabin and customised cargo space.

Canoo is utilising true steer by wire technology, reducing moving parts and cabin intrusion, resulting in more usable interior space, better driver ergonomics and the addition of a panoramic window to improve road visibility.

The LDV is engineered for high frequency stop-and-go deliveries and speedy vehicle to door drop-off, including grocery and food/meal delivery. Its customised interior is designed for small package delivery, at competitive per stop economics. The modular design and 120 cubic feet cargo volume are adaptable to evolve with customer needs which contributes to a decreasing per unit investment over time.

“We are proud to have been selected by Walmart, one of the most sophisticated buyers in the world, to provide our high-tech, all-electric, American made Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle to add to their impressive logistics capabilities,” said Tony Aquila, Canoo CEO and Chairman.

“Our LDV has the turning radius of a small passenger vehicle on a parking friendly, compact footprint, yet the payload and cargo space of a commercial delivery vehicle. This is the winning algorithm to seriously compete in the last mile delivery race, globally,” he said.

“Walmart’s massive store footprint provides a strategic advantage in today’s growing ‘Need it now’ mindset and an unmatched opportunity for growing EV demand, especially at today’s gas prices.”

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