Wadley’s invests in Valvoline

NSW-based freight company, Wadley’s Interstate Transport Services (WITS), has made a significant investment into the future by switching the whole fleet over to Valvoline products. A move the company says will preserve engine quality across the entire fleet.

Established in 1990, WITS is specialised in carting everything from palletised general and international freight to heavy machinery and construction material. Boasting depots in both Sydney and Melbourne and a range of storage facilities, it covers most major cities in Australia.

Managing Director, Brian Wadley, can currently draw on a fleet of more than 35 prime movers and 80 trailers, comprising semi-trailers, tankers, flat tops and curtain-siders in single and B-double configuration.

“More than 30 of our trucks are built by Freightliner, the rest are a combination of Volvo and Mercedes-Benz,” says Brian, who began with just a single truck and slowly expanded the business over the years. One key value that has helped him grow the company to its current size is “consistency across the board”, as he has it. “From the service we offer to the equipment we use, we want to maintain the same, high level at all times,” he says. “This also applies to the liquids we use.”

Over the past 18 months, WITS has slowly standardised the use of oil in across the fleet, now using Valvoline products like Diesel Extra LE engine oil, HD Coolant 50 and Valplex EP Grease. Valvoline’s Diesel Extra LE engine oil meets the CJ-4 Specification and has been formulated with a unique dispersant chemistry and shear stable polymers. The low ash levels and new high technology additives in the oil are providing extreme engine protection and advanced temperature performance, according to Valvoline’s engineering team.

“We conducted a series of tests on Valvoline products across the fleet and after a full evaluation, we concluded they worked best with all the newer truck engines,” Brian says. “In terms of lessoning the wear rate, Valvoline comes up well because there’s less friction in the engine and that’s what we look for when measuring the longevity of a product. We service our trucks every four to five weeks, so it’s important that the oils used can last as much as 25,000km.

“Also, from the results of the HD coolant tested over the same period, we’ve found no indication of ‘pitting’ occurring, which has kept the cylinder liners looking brand new on the engines. In addition, Valvoline offered us a competitive price as well.”

Valvoline is a global leader in heavy-duty engine oil and coolant technology and in recent years has proven its capacity to ensure optimum vehicle performance for transport operators around the world. In the Australian transport industry, a range of Valvoline products allows fleets to stay on the road for longer, requiring less time in the workshop and ultimately resulting in reduced total operating costs for companies such as WITS.

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