WA Transport Minister unveils new upgrades to busy intersection

Western Australia Transport Minister, Dean Nalder, has officially opened the upgraded intersection and traffic lights at the busy junction of Reid Highway and Lord Street in West Swan in WA. The upgrade is aimed at improving safety and traffic flow.

“Reid Highway carries more than 25,400 vehicles per day through the Lord Street intersection, and more than 11 per cent of these are heavy vehicles,” Minister Nalder said.

“This upgrade will significantly improve the performance of the local road network in this rapidly growing area, and address safety issues associated with increased traffic.”

The Minister said the important road project was constructed by the City of Swan on behalf of Main Roads WA. It included dual carriageways on Reid Highway through the intersection, a double-turning lane on Reid Highway westbound into Lord Street and some widening on Lord Street southbound to provide separate right and left-turn lanes into Reid Highway. Street lighting had also been upgraded.

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