WA law SLOMO puts speed restrictions in place to protect emergency vehicles

Western Australian drivers will now be required to slow down to 40 kilometres per hour when passing stationary roadside emergency vehicles with lights activated.

The Slow Down, Move Over (SLOMO) laws apply when passing WA Police, Fire and Emergency services St John Ambulance, roadside assistance, tow trucks and Main Roads WA incident response vehicles that are responding in an emergency across the states.

Speed reductions around these vehicles were introduced to reduce the risk of serious injuries or fatalities in the event of a crash and to protect roadside emergency workers according to the WA Government.

The penalty for not slowing down is $300 and three demerit points.

WA Road Safety Minister Michelle Roberts said the changes to the laws brings WA in line with other states around the country.

“Put simply, the faster you go, the longer it takes to stop,” Ms Roberts said.

“Our emergency workers are there to help, and they deserve our respect and protection,” she said.

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