WA Government to upgrade key bridge

Western Australian Transport Minister, Troy Buswell, has announced that the State Government would invest $18 million to replace the 60-year-old Greenough River Bridge in WA’s Mid-West.

“The bridge provides an important link on the Brand Highway which connects Perth to Geraldton, Dongara, the broader Mid-West region and the State’s North-West,” he said. 
“The new bridge design will cater for bigger combination truck and trailers, while reducing the impact of medium and major flood events.”

According to Buswell, the new concrete and steel bridge will be stronger, wider and higher than the existing structure, which would improve safety making it less susceptible to closure in floods. The bridge would also be capable of carrying bigger, more efficient truck and trailer combinations.

Buswell added that the existing bridge had a low load rating, with many heavy loads bound for the Pilbara required to detour on to Great Northern Highway, leading to costly implications for transport and mining.

“Heavy winter rains in 2006 forced the closure of Brand Highway at the Greenough River Bridge crossing for 65 hours, cutting supplies and access to essential facilities in Geraldton and for people in Dongara, Port Denison and surrounding districts,” he said.
“Aside from causing local community and business concern, closures of this magnitude cause significant economic loss to the State.

According to Buswell, bridge construction is expected to be completed by mid-2014.

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