VTA to meet with Victoria Police

Deputy Commissioner Kieran Walshe was appointed to the role of Commissioner for Regional & Road Policing at the beginning of the year, and contacted the VTA to seek the industry’s opinions on future policing activities affecting the road transport industry. 

Members of the Victorian Transport Association (VTA) are now set to hold a special meeting with Deputy Commissioner Walshe to set the future agenda for interaction between Victoria Police and the transport industry on safety and heavy vehicle enforcement issues. 

VTA CEO, Philip Lovel AM, welcomed the approach, saying that “it was a productive move by Deputy
Commissioner Walshe.

“Over the past twelve months, the VTA has enjoyed the embedded support of Superintendent David Newton, who has been working on special projects in road policing. In that time, we have identified many issues which the transport industry can address in collaboration with Victoria Police,” Mr Lovel said. 

“We have invited over 20 of the most experienced and committed transport operator members of the VTA to present their views to Deputy Commissioner Walshe. We believe it will be very beneficial to put the industry’s views directly to one of the most senior and experienced enforcement people in Australia.

“Chain of Responsibility obligations, speed and driver fatigue will all be on the agenda, as well as the
difficulties experienced by heavy vehicle drivers and operators when they are unduly delayed at Distribution Centres (DCs) and other loading and unloading points.”

Mr Lovel concluded, “This is a great opportunity to work collaboratively with Victoria Police at the highest level to improve enforcement consistency and overall safety for the industry and for the public.”
The meeting will be held at the Airlie Police College in South Yarra on Wednesday, 9 February 2011. 

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