VTA opposes road blockades

Victorian Transport Association (VTA) CEO, Philip Lovel AM, said that the action by a group of residents in Footscray to blockade Moore Street Footscray on Tuesday 26th October should be condemned at the highest level.
“We call on the Police to act to allow all vehicles to proceed about their lawful business,” said Mr Lovel. “What gives this miscellaneous group of people the right to stop traffic?”
He continued, “What is worse is that the Police appear to be making it easy for them – that is ridiculous. This blockade will throw all traffic onto other routes throughout Footscray and other suburbs, seriously affecting these roads and their local residents. Also, there are other routes that are not suitable for high cube container vehicles with low bridges.
“This action may also cause accidents and if this occurs, the ‘leaders’ of this blockade will be held to account.

“We have a City that is growing. The State Government is trying to address the issues of congestion, freight traffic and urban development but they can’t do everything at once without Federal funding.”
“The VTA calls on the Police to break the blockade and let all of us go about our business – this blockade is unlawful and costly.”

Mr Lovel also warned residents from taking direct action such as throwing missiles and said that the VTA will not tolerate this type of action endangering truck drivers and road users.

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