VTA applauds new guidelines

The Loading, Unloading Exclusion Zones (LUEZ) Industry Guidelines were officially launched on Friday 25 February. Speaking after the launch, VTA CEO Philip Lovel AM labelled the LUEZ guidelines one of the best safety projects he has seen in his 25 years at the VTA.

The LUEZ Guidelines provide best practice industry advice on the separation of people from loading, unloading and material handling equipment.

They were developed by the industry LUEZ Committee to assist employers/managers, drivers, forklift/material handling operators, supervisors, and health and safety representatives implement effective safety controls in the workplace.

The development of the guidelines was supported by Safety Assist, a joint initiative between the VTA, TWU (Vic/Tas branch) and WorkSafe Victoria. The Australian Government safety and rehabilitation agency Comcare also showed its support for the project.

“All credit must go to the industry participants, particularly Simon Skazlic, General Manager Compliance & OH&S at K&S Freighters,” said Mr Lovel. “Simon, along with a dynamic steering committee, worked on this project for over 12 months and the outcomes are excellent.”

The LUEZ Steering Committee is made up of representatives from companies heavily engaged in the transport and logistics industry, including K&S Freighters, Linfox, OneSteel, and AkzoNobel Australia.

“The issue of truck driver and other personal safety around mobile plant (forklifts, cranes) during load and unloading is a very significant safety problem,” commented Mr Lovel.

“There are many serious accidents and deaths caused by poor practices whilst loading/unloading – there are also many near misses.

“If we think of how many workplaces there are in Australia across all industries, this is a very significant risk area

“The Guidelines leave nothing out; it has many pictures of various risk situations, so even the busiest person can see what should be done. This is now the “state of knowledge”. There should be no excuses that someone didn’t know, they should know what is safe and what is a risk.”

Copies of the LUEZ Guidelines can be accessed via the Victorian Transport Association and Transport Workers Union websites.

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