VTA Academy launched

On Tuesday, 6 March, the Victorian Transport Association launched the VTA Academy at Crown Casino, with over 150 guests in attendance. The Victorian Minister for Higher Education and Skills, Peter Hall MP, officially launched this new program.

According to the VTA, the VTA Academy is a fresh approach to training and labour solutions for the transport and logistics industry.

“The Academy combines the influence and drive of the VTA in responding to the challenges facing our industry with the solid reputation of the Mint Group in delivering integrated workforce solutions and accredited training in Australia and overseas,” explained VTA Chief Executive, Philip Lovel AM.

VTA Deputy CEO, Neil Chambers also highlighted the high level of competition for people in the labour-constrained Australian economy and the ageing profile of transport and logistics industry staff.

“Transport and logistics activities account for close to 15 per cent of economic activity in Australia and most industries rely on transport and logistics to underpin their own productivity and viability,” said Mr Chambers.

“Sure, we deal with heavy vehicles – there are over 600,000 heavy freight vehicles registered in Australia – as well as ships, airplanes, trains and large warehouse capacities. But at the end of the day, the transport and logistics industry is a people business operating in a complex and demanding operational environment. Having the right skilled staff, in the right place, at the right time is a constant challenge for the industry.

“The ageing of the industry’s workforce is of concern. For instance, the average age of truck drivers is 45 years plus (and older in sectors such as linehaul), with almost half of existing truck drivers forecast to be at retirement age by 2026.

“We’ve got to grow the pool of skilled labour available to meet not only the levels of staff attrition facing us, but to meet the growth demand from the increasing freight task. The Academy is designed to implement labour and training programs to help facilitate this required market and labour growth, while delivering the right skills sets.”

More information about the VTA Academy is available on the website.

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