Volvo updates I-See

Volvo is now introducing a new version of I-See, a system in the new Volvo FH that saves fuel when driving on hills. The new version remotely obtains up-to-date information about the road’s topography from a central server, which all I-See trucks will have.

“Your own truck may not have driven on a particular hill even once – but it will still be able to reap the full benefit of the system's potential. It's enough that someone else with I-See has covered that stretch of road,” said Christer Pehrsson, Business Area Manager for Volvo’s Long-Haul Operations.

“Our aim is to continuously develop our offer to create customer benefit, not least by utilising the possibilities available with wireless communication.”

According to Volvo, I-See is similar to an autopilot that takes care of gear selection, acceleration and engine braking on hills in the most fuel-efficient way possible. The fuel saving for the long-haul assignment is supposed to be as much as five per cent.

While Australia has played a big role in the development of the FH, the new models will not be available in Australia for at least 12 months.

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