Volvo unveils new FMX

Following the release of the Volvo FMX in Europe and other markets around the world, visitors to the Volvo Trucks stand at the 2012 ITTES had the opportunity to experience the new model first-hand.

The new truck has been designed to stand up to Australia’s heavy loads, rough roads and challenging inclines, and the ITTES presentation was the first time visitors were able to see the Australian-designed spec’ of the truck in real life.

According to Volvo, ehe FMX has the robust basis of the Volvo FM, with its smooth and powerful driveline, sturdy chassis and comfortable cab. But both cab and chassis have been further developed to suit rough tasks. Therefore, the FMX has new features such as a heavy-duty central towing member, specially developed rear-view mirrors, new work-lights and a new air intake.

General Manager of Volvo Trucks, Gary Bone, says the truck has been enhanced with equipment and features that make it simply unbeatable in tough, demanding conditions. “The Volvo FMX is unique. It’s designed for heavy construction, mining services and quarrying duties, where the main requirement is for pulling heavy loads over rough terrain and up steep gradients. Obviously, there’s enormous demand for vehicles with this capability here in Australia, so we’re really excited to be able to offer a Volvo specifically for this application.”

Gary believes that Volvo’s ability to design and build the FMX locally to suit local conditions will be a major factor in continuing its success in Australia.
“The FMX represents a new direction for Volvo Trucks, and with our local manufacturing facility, we had the capability to make an Australian version of the FMX, designed to suit local conditions,” he adds.

“But exciting as the FMX is,” Bone says, “our stand was more than just trucks. Picking a truck is only the first step; getting long-term value out of it is something else. We’re very focused on how you use trucks, because we believe that the only way to gauge a trucks true worth is to measure total profitability over is whole lifecycle.” The Volvo display at the Melbourne Showgrounds therefore also showcased total cost calculation tools, as well as the Dynafleet telematics monitoring system.

“Clint Hendry and the team at ITTES have put together a comprehensive and entertaining program for transport operators and truck enthusiasts alike. We are pleased to have increased our investment in this premiere event.”

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