Volvo unveils new FH model

Swedish truck brand Volvo has unveiled the new FH model at the Brisbane Truck Show.

“This is not a facelift of the old FH,” says Gary Bone, Vice President Volvo Trucks Australia Sales. “This is a whole new truck. We decided it was time to start from scratch because the technology available to us made a host of new approaches possible.

“The FH is the result of years of research and development, exhaustive testing and customer consultation. It’s the ultimate embodiment of our values of Safety, Quality and Environmental Care, and when you get into one, you’ll see why. The New FH is the truck that’s going to carry Volvo forward into the 21st century and we believe it’s a world-beater.”

According to Bone, the truck has been subjected to 26 crash tests, a thousand simulated crashes, 200 component tests, 50 sled tests, and 36 full-scale barrier tests in Sweden. “We’ve also run over 60 field test trucks in nine countries around the world and driven more testing kilometres here in Australia than anywhere else. Every failure we’ve identified in all of these tests is one less that our customers might experience.”

A major feature of the New FH is the I-See software, an ‘auto-pilot’ system that records your journeys and works with the I-Shift automatic transmission to optimise fuel consumption. I- See works out the best combination of gears, accelerator and brakes for every hill you traverse, and can record up to 4,000 hills.

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