Volvo Trucks to expand product portfolio beyond mining in India

Over dimensional cargo (ODC) will be an area of increased focus for Volvo Trucks it announced today as it looks to increase its presence as a specialty player in India.

The commercial vehicle manufacturer is looking beyond coal mining as it plans on tapping into large irrigation projects, quarrying and road construction in a joint partnership with Eicher Motors.

It will roll out products where it is more suitable rather than selling wherever it is possible said B. Dinakar, Senior Vice President Sales, Marketing and Aftermarket of VE Commercial Vehicles.

Speaking at an event to launch Volvo India Fuelwatch Challenge, Dinakar said the company was seeding 200 trucks built for purpose as it planned to expand upon its vehicles in coal mining applications.

“We will also bring in suitable trucks which will be more useful, suitable to these particular things,” he said.

The seeding began in late 2016. Last year it involved nearly 120 vehicles.

New trucks would be unveiled later this year.

Vehicles were currently being imported in completely knocked down (CKD) kits and assembled at the Hoskote Factory in Karnataka with minor modifications for the local market.

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