Volvo Truck deliveries rise 53 per cent

Volvo Trucks’ December deliveries increased 27 per cent year-on-year to 11,882 trucks. For the full year 2011, deliveries rose 53 per cent to 115,346 trucks.

In total, deliveries in Europe amounted to 4,394 trucks in December, an increase of 8 per cent over the corresponding period of 2010. However, the uncertain macro-economic situation continued to affect truck customers, who have become slightly more cautious.

In Russia, meanwhile deliveries remained positive and increased by 90 per cent to 878 trucks, compared with December 2010. A strong Russian economy contributed to a solid demand for trucks. As a whole, deliveries in Eastern Europe increased by 41 per cent in December.

Also, the Benelux countries (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) had a positive trend regarding deliveries in December.

In Brazil, deliveries rose 22 per cent in December, compared with the corresponding period of 2010. And for all of South America deliveries rose 32 per cent to 2,618 trucks.

In North America, December deliveries rose 62 per cent compared with December 2010 to 2,690 trucks. The low fuel consumption through the combination of proprietary engines and the I-shift transmission continued to have a very strong customer impact.

Deliveries by market area:



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