Volvo to release remote control for new truck model

Volvo is in the process of rolling out a new system called Work Remote, a wireless remote control device developed to streamline the load handling process for truck operators.

“Using the remote control, the driver can immediately see the indicated load weight and its distribution across the axles of both the truck and trailer. In other words, the driver has all the necessary information in his or her pocket instead of having to run back and forth. Loading is more efficient,” said Christer Pehrsson, Business Manager Long Haul at Volvo Trucks.

According to Pehrsson, the Work Remote not only is time efficient and safer, but also saves the driver's energy. “For many, loading is a stressful task, and stress leads easily to accidents. With the Work Remote we eliminate much of this stress since the driver doesn't have to run back and forth the whole time. If loading is easier, this also means there's a more relaxed driver behind the wheel. This leads indirectly to a more alert driver and promotes improved traffic safety.”

The Work Remote is a wireless remote control unit that enables the driver to control everything from raising and lowering of the truck's air suspension system to activating the power take-off, regulating engine revs, switching off the engine and locking the truck.

In addition, extra controls fitted in the instrument panel via a Volvo Trucks accessory module can also be linked to the remote, such as controls for a crane or pumps.

The Work Remote will be launched together with the new Volvo FH series and will be available on the market in 2013.

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