Volvo to introduce new FH series

On 5 September, Volvo Trucks will hold the official launch of the new FH Series in Gothenburg, Sweden; with simultaneous events in Madrid, Birmingham, Paris, Rotterdam and Brussels. “It's a truck that will carry us far into the future,” said Claes Nilsson, President of Volvo Trucks.

“For almost two decades, the Volvo FH Series has provided haulage companies with safety, efficient transport and high quality. With our new replacements, we are going to be even better in all three areas,” he said.

Volvo has conducted their most extensive testing yet among drivers and transport companies with the aim of ensuring that the new model meets the highest requirements. Volvo claims that the result is a product that not only meets today’s needs, but it also offers properties that nobody has previously experienced in a truck.

One prioritised goal in the development process was to create a truck with the market’s best handling. A major factor in achieving this is the use of Individual Front Suspension (IFS, photo) which initially will only be available in left hand drive versions. This will be a major departure from the solid beam front axle design that has been used almost universally by every truck manufacturer.

With IFS each front wheel is suspended separately from the other so that it does not affect the movement of the other wheel. Since both front wheels move individually, the result is a gentler, more settled ride. Thanks to the fact that movements are not transmitted from one front wheel to the other, the sense of steering precision and control also increases.

“The Volvo FH is more like a car than a truck when it comes to precise response and confidence-inspiring directional stability,” said Martin Palming, Product manager at Volvo Trucks Head Office. “The Volvo FH with IFS will have the world’s best road manners.”

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