Volvo reveals new FH in Europe

In a simultaneous launch held in five cities across Europe, the all new Volvo FH has been revealed to the industry. The FH will replace the original Volvo flagship that was first launched in 1993 and has since sold more than 650,000 units.

The FH is an entirely new truck, with a new cab and upgraded drivelines as well integration of various innovative electronic systems that Volvo says will deliver improved performance, economy and driver acceptance.

According to Volvo, the Euro 5 driveline is now even more economical and the I-see software package for the I-Shift transmission will make life even easier for drivers and save even more fuel. The I-See software stores information about hills as the truck drives along.

“The next time the truck uses the same route, I-See operates the accelerator, gears and brakes to ensure that progress is as economical as possible,” Claes Nilsson, President of Volvo Truck Corporation said. “Thanks to I-See, the haulage firm can cut fuel consumption by up to five per cent per vehicle.”

The new Volvo FH also offers individual front suspension that is expected to provide “car-like” handling and the cab interior features an improved driver’s seat along with an industry-first tilt-neck function for the steering wheel. Stalks and controls are arranged in priority so that the most important ones are closest to the driver.

The cab’s A-pillars are more vertical than the existing model and provide an additional one cubic metre of interior space, which allows for an extra 300 litres of storage capacity.

Production of the new FH will start in the 2013 European spring for the European market. Gary Bone, Vice President Volvo Trucks, Australia Sales said the new FH will be launched in Australia in 2013.

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