Volvo names Asian Fuelwatch champion

Kim Dogyun from Korea has been named as the winner of the first Asian Fuelwatch championship for fuel-efficient driving. He was presented with the championship on site at the Volvo Demo Centre, in Volvo’s hometown Gothenburg, Sweden, after completing a series of tests on fuel-efficient driving. His final result was 30 percent less fuel than last place.

The competition began with 1500 drivers from China, Korea, Malaysia and Thailand, who entered local Fuelwatch competitions throughout 2010, and Kim beat four finalists to take out the title.

Kim said, “I’m very happy. I would like to extend my deep gratitude to Volvo for organising such an excellent customer focus event.

“The secret to winning is lots of practice. I was even practicing yesterday. I also relied on my many years of truck driving experience in Korea.”

Ricard Fritz, Senior Vice President of Volvo Trucks said, “I’d like to congratulate Kim Dogyun on behalf of everyone at Volvo Trucks. I’d also like to thank everyone else in Asia who took part in the competition. At Volvo Trucks we know the importance of the driver.?

“We’re always striving to maximise our customer’s profitability. That means minimising operational costs and at the same time maximising revenue. In that perspective the driver is the most important factor, even more important than the truck itself. This not only applies to fuel but also for other aspects of truck driving such as safety.”

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