Volvo launches new social networking app

Volvo Trucks has launched an app for the Worldtrucker global online community. The smartphone app for iPhone and Android enables truck drivers to connect and share experiences from life on the roads.

“The app is both an extension of the website and a fantastic social tool for truckers to generate and share content directly from the roads – from photos to handy tips like good rest areas along the roads or recommendations of safe places to park,” said Paula Kühnel, Online Communication Manager at Volvo Trucks.

The app, which is also integrated with the Worldtrucker website, includes a GPS-based function that allows truck drivers to record and share their routes on a map. Through TIPs (Trucker Interest Points) drivers can check-in, comment, rate and upload photos from a specific location, and then share the information with fellow truckers. Other features include a chat function that helps drivers to find and contact other drivers nearby.

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