Volvo launches improved Environmental Footprint Calculator

Volvo’s web based Environmental Footprint Calculator was first unveiled in 2001, however the truck manufacturer has just launched a new and improved version of this tool that is designed to be more user friendly. The Environmental Footprint Calculator offers tips on reducing carbon emissions and also allows operators to compare the environmental impact of their truck to that of newly launched Volvo models including the Volvo FH16 750hp, Volvo FM Methane Diesel and Volvo FE Hybrid. Customers can now also compare the environmental footprint of three trucks within their fleet.

With this tool, it is possible to evaluate the environmental benefits of alternative fuels when compared to fossil fuels.

“The transport industry is under increasing pressure to work actively to reduce emissions and lower energy consumption,” says Director Environmental Affairs at Volvo Trucks, Lars Mårtensson. “To generate added interest and help even more in the transport industry meet environmental targets and customer demands, we have made the Environmental Footprint Calculator even more user-friendly for our customers.”

The development of the Environmental Footprint Calculator is based on the compilation of highly detailed data relating to truck emissions throughout their lifecycle – from the manufacturing process to the end of their life on the road.
This data includes calculating the environmental impact of materials, fuels, exhaust emissions and maintenance.

“As a global truck manufacturer, we see it as our responsibility to find new, efficient ways of expanding our knowledge of environmental issues. Increased awareness is an important starting point for finding out what can be done to lower our emissions and thus reduce our environmental impact,” says Lars.

“By training drivers in economical driving, ensuring correct wheel alignment or making sure that tyres have the correct pressure, you can significantly reduce emissions even for existing vehicles. Correct wheel alignment and tyre choice, for instance, can cut fuel consumption by more than 10 per cent. So you don’t necessarily have to buy a new truck with a more energy-efficient engine – there are many measures you can take to support more sustainable development.”

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