Volvo large-scale testing of safety gadgets

Volvo is to commence a large-scale research project, called the Large Scale Field Operational Test on In-Vehicle Systems, testing state-of-the-art safety equipment in 80 trucks across Europe.

Trucks will be equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control with Forward Collision Warning, Lane Keeping Support and Fuel Efficiency Adviser systems.

Data will be gathered by sensors in and around the vehicle alongside four cameras fitted to the truck. The information gathered will help evaluate the systems’ impact on safety, mobility and environment. It will also demonstrate how these systems are actually used by drivers in the real world.

“These systems rarely go off in real traffic,” said Karsten Heinig, who is responsible for the project at Volvo. “But with the massive amount of data collected in the field test, we should have the input required to optimise the algorithm on which the system is based to make it even more reliable.”

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