Volvo introduces new construction truck

Volvo Trucks has revealed the new FMX model at the recent Bauma exhibition in Munich, Germany. The new construction truck will feature an all-new steering system and rear suspension designed to increase overall productivity.

According to said Claes Nilsson, President of Volvo Trucks, the FMX was designed with construction truck drives in mind. The cab interior has been redesigned, for instance, and a number of innovations added to make the driver's job both easier and more efficient.

“The Volvo Dynamic Steering is a fantastic improvement, especially for a construction driver. It will result in less muscle strain and relive drivers of neck, arm and back aches. Even at low speeds, a heavily loaded truck is so easy to manoeuvre that you can steer it with one finger,” Nilsson said.

Among the new features is also a rear air suspension system that provides enhanced comfort and additional ground clearance. Volvo Trucks is also offering customers a training package specially designed for construction drivers.

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