Volvo Group reveals new driver support systems

Safety will be taken to the next level according to Volvo Trucks who overnight introduced its new range of driver support systems, Volvo Dynamic Steering with Stability Assist and Volvo Dynamic Steering with Lane Keeping Assist.

Based on Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS), the accident prevention driver support systems announced at Volvo headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, are expected to enhance traffic safety and working environments for drivers according to the heavy vehicle manufacturer.

Volvo Dynamic Steering Stability Assist functions to counter skidding on wet and shifting surfaces before it occurs.  It provides a correction that stabilises the vehicle before the driver has noticed the rear of the truck has lost grip, preventing dangerous sliding.

Developed to prevent unintentional lane departure, Volvo Dynamic Steering with Lane Keeping Assist, per an official statement from the company, detects when the truck is nearing the lane marking and initiates a minor adjustment in the appropriate direction. A gentle vibration in the steering wheel also serves as notification for the driver as the vehicle steers back into the lane.

Carl Johan Almqvist, Volvo Trucks, Traffic and Product Safety Director, said it was a function that makes it possible to adjust steering wheel resistance individually in trucks equipped with Volvo Dynamic Steering.

“Each driver has a different perception of how light or heavy the steering system should be. Now every driver can adjust the steering wheel resistance exactly as he or she wants for comfortable, relaxed and safe driving,” he said.

“This is a very practical feature, not least for trucks that often have different drivers.”

Designed at once to automatically compensate for unevenness in the road surface and to eliminate vibration in the steering wheel, Volvo Dynamic Steering, reportedly, allows the truck to maintain its direction on poor surfaces and in strong side-winds at higher speeds. The vehicle’s hydraulic power steering relies on technology in which the electric motor electronically makes adjustments to steering, by providing added turning force when required.

Volvo Dynamic Steering, according to Almqvist, has revolutionised the driver’s job behind the wheel through improvements to directorial stability, easier manoeuvring and higher comfort. He said the functions had been developed to assist drivers avoid some of the most common accident scenarios identified via Volvo’s accident research programme.

“Now we are building further on our success with new functions that help make the traffic environment even safer,” he said. “This is all in accordance with our vision that no accidents involving Volvo trucks should ever occur.”

Mitch Peden, Volvo Trucks Sales Australia, Vice President, said the driver support systems were a global first for the trucking industry.

“No other manufacturer offers anything similar to this technology,” he said.

“You might recall the iconic video featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme demonstrating Volvo’s Dynamic Steering system – a system which went on to become award winning for its safety features. The new generation of VDS takes safety and performance to a whole new level,” said Peden.

“It’s also a system that has been tried and tested in the harshest of conditions that Australia can put a truck through, and has proven its reliability and performance in improving stability in any driving situation.”

“We open the order book for trucks with new Volvo Dynamic Steering later this month, and expect the first to roll out of our Wacol factory and onto Australian roads by mid-November 2018,” said Peden.

In other news, Volvo Group Australia has appointed Clive Jones to the role of Vice President Sales, Volvo Trucks Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. He will commence the new role on 1 August.

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