Volvo FMX preview

With the FMX already released in Europe and in some other parts of the world with strong demand, Australia is set to be the next stop for Volvo.

At the Brisbane Truck Show, the general public had a chance to express their opinions to Volvo engineers on the expectations of the new FMX in a bid to make it the most desirable truck in the Australian market.

“We agreed that as we’ll be building these trucks locally, we needed local input,” said Gary Bone, General Manager of Volvo Trucks. “What we need now is to hear from our customers about how they’d use this truck and how they’d like us to set it up.

“We want to know the features and specifications our customers believe they need to make the FMX the best quarrying and construction truck in the Australian market.”

Gary explained that the Volvo FMX was designed for heavy construction, mining service and quarrying duties, where the main requirement is to carry heavy loads over rough roads.

Tailored for the rough-and-tumble of construction and quarrying operations, the FMX introduces a heavy-duty central towing member, specially developed rear-view mirrors, new work-lights, and a new air intake.

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