Volvo electric truck trials announced

Two electric Volvo trucks will soon hit the road for trial purposes according to the Government of Queensland.

The trial includes the use of two Volvo battery-powered, three-axle prime movers, operating at a gross weight of 44,000kg.

“We’ve given Volvo Australia the green light to trial heavy duty battery electric heavy vehicles in Queensland,” said Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

“These trucks can move up to 44,000 kg and they generate no emissions.”

Transport Minister, Mark Bailey, said the trials will see Volvo bring the latest zero-emission technology to Queensland’s roads.

“We know reducing transport emissions will play a key role in achieving net zero emissions in Queensland by 2050, and this trial is an important step towards that,” he said in a media conference.

“The introduction of battery electric heavy vehicles provides opportunities to also bring vehicles with the latest safety technology features and emissions performance to our shores.”

The Volvos feature the industry’s latest safety features, including lane keeping assist, blind spot detection, passenger corner camera, dynamic steering with stability assist, under-run protection, collision warning with emergency braking and electronically-controlled brake systems.

According to Bailey, they are one of the safest vehicles on Australia’s roads.

“Volvo have got a worldwide reputation in terms of road safety and it’s great to see them being a trailblazer here in terms of the Queensland and Australian market, around trialling electric trucks to get a sense of how they work in the Australian context,” he said.

“This is the latest gear in heavy vehicles and it’s going to be here on Queensland roads.”

In other news, earlier this week, electrification in Sweden and Australia was the topic of a panel discussion at Australian National University.

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