Viva Energy joins executive led coalition on climate

Fuel and energy services supplier, Viva Energy, has announced it will join the Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC).

An initiative of the B Team Australasia, Viva Energy joins a group of 22 businesses to date, as a founding member of the CLC whose mission is focused on collaboration and joint problem solving in respect to what it identifies as decarbonisation challenges.

The aim of the initiative is to combine scale with collaboration so that CEOs learn from, help each other and share best practice as they collectively work on specific actions to accelerate their own actions towards a net zero carbon economy.

This united approach will help drive significant progress in creating Australia’s low carbon future while also ensuring long term economic sustainability.

Viva Energy joins other founding members that include BHP, McKinsey Australia, Fortescue Metals, IKEA Australia and Unilever.

The international B Team is led by Sir Richard Branson, UN Foundation, Arianna Huffington and executives from Mastercard, Sales Force and Allianz Group.

Members of the CLC also support the Paris Agreement commitments and the acceleration of better ways of doing business (a Plan B) that prioritises the wellbeing of people and the planet.

The Coalition is action orientated and is currently reviewing its challenges and opportunities around technology, energy, finance and partnerships.

It will report regularly on its actions and milestones.

According to the CLC Australian website, in addition to the practical problem-solving work that is underway, the CLC provides “an open, confidential and authentic forum for CEOs to share the challenges of shifting to a low carbon future, as well as the opportunities such a shift can bring.”

The CLC supports Australia’s commitment to the Paris Agreement, including the objective it determines as keeping global warming to well below 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels.

“We have recognised that as a business, we are a significant carbon emitter through the products we manufacture and sell,” Viva Energy said in a statement.

“However, we are excited about the opportunity to work together with other businesses to develop our respective strategies to reduce emissions, share learnings, collaborate on opportunities, and have a stronger public voice on the need for change.”

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