Victorian business bolsters fleet with a Freightliner Coronado B-double

Victoria-based company, Mt Buller Area Transport (MBAT), recently added a Freightliner Coronado 114 B-double to its fleet, according to US heavy-duty truck brand, Freightliner.

MBAT Owner, Evan Lowing, who reportedly opted to buy the truck from Daimler Trucks Laverton, has said the service and maintenance program was one of the key selling points.

“It just makes good business sense to be able to fix costs,” said Lowing. “We have had a great run with the truck and no problems, but it is nice to know that we are covered if something goes wrong.”

Before switching to the Freightliner, Lowing reportedly owned a non-Daimler truck that was not on a service contract.

“It was a real lucky dip when it went into the dealership. You never knew what costs were around the corner,” said Lowing. ‘This way, I know how much it is going to cost me in the future, in minute detail.”

According to Freightliner, its service plan will allow Daimler Trucks Laverton to perform scheduled servicing and mechanical repairs in accordance with the vehicle maintenance manual, using genuine parts and trained technicians with preferential rates for parts and labour as well as 24-hour support.

“If there's a landslide up the mountain (like the one in 2010) or something out of our control, that's one thing, but we're responsible for everything that's in our control,” says MBAT senior driver, Paul Thomas.

“It's our job to make sure we always deliver the vital freight on time,” he says. “They’ve got the parts in stock; all the tools to do the job and get you back out on the road quickly.”

Freightliner has said that the Coronado has a 560hp 15-litre Detroit engine and Eaton UltraShift Plus automatic 18-speed transmission.

“I'm really impressed with the UltraShift and SmartShift combination,” says Thomas. “It is particularly good in the stop-start traffic you get in Melbourne's peak hours and around road works on the freeways. I thought I'd be using the manual mode a lot more often, but the UltraShift really reads the road and load well and adapts quickly. It basically instigates a shift automatically when you typically do one in a manual transmission.”

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