Victoria follows QLD in freeing up trucks to deliver goods

Curfews imposed on heavy vehicles and other delivery vehicles have been lifted by the Victorian Government it announced today.

Unprecedented demand for household goods at supermarkets has placed extra burden on supply chains as road freight specialists and final mile delivery companies respond to dwindling stocks on supermarket shelves.

It's the third consecutive week in which consumers have plundered retail stores of essential items across the country following Federal Government measures to isolate overseas travellers and quarantine anyone with flu-like symptoms during the escalting COVID-19 epidemic.

The Victorian Government, subsequent to a decision made less than 24 hours ago by the Queensland State Government, has acted quickly to temporarily remove all restrictions, which will enable supermarkets and store shelves to be replenished and re-stocked faster.

Victorian Transport Association CEO Peter Anderson said patience and a return to normalcy is required from consumers so that supply chains can satisfy the unprecedented demand seen over recent weeks.

“While consumers are rightly concerned about COVID-19, they do not need to be worried about supermarkets running out of goods because all the evidence points to there being ample stock in the supply chain,” he said.

“What we don’t want to see are shoppers thinking they have to buy a month’s worth of groceries every time they go to the store. If shoppers would resist the temptation to buy household essentials they might see on the shelves but don’t have a pressing need for, it would give others with a genuine need a chance.”

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