Valvoline is a global leader in heavy duty engine oil and coolant technology and in recent years has proven its capacity to ensure optimum vehicle performance for transport operators around the world. In the Australian transport industry, a range of Valvoline products are safely and successfully extending vehicle service intervals, allowing fleets to stay on the road for longer, requiring less time in the workshop and ultimately resulting in reduced total operating costs.

Key products include:

Diesel Extra LE: a diesel engine oil that meets the CJ-4 Specification and has been formulated with a unique dispersant chemistry and shear stable polymers. The low ash levels and new high technology additives in the oil are providing extreme engine protection and advanced temperature performance.

Optimum Choice Grease: a partial synthetic, lithium complex grease is designed for severe duty, on-highway usage. This product is recommended in all applications for on-highway extended service interval fleets; and is coloured red for easy identification.

HD Extended Life Coolant: this product effectively protects heavy-duty diesel engines from winter freezing, summer boil over, corrosion and cavitation for as long as three years or 500,000km, whichever comes first.
The Valvoline Sales and Technical Support Team are available to assist you integrate these products into your fleets service regime.

To learn more about Valvoline and the products available contact 1300 055 819.

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