Valvoline presents new semi-synthetic gear oil

Valvoline has presented a new semi-synthetic gear oil suitable for heavy-duty truck manual transmissions and differentials, HD Duragear 80W-90.

According to Valvoline, the product combines synthetic fortified technology with Valvoline’s unique Extreme Pressure (EP) additive chemistry to overcome even the toughest conditions encountered by drivelines and provides shock load and wear protection at the highest level.

The product’s multiple use in both diffs and gearboxes encourages product rationalisation to prevent application errors as well as to simplify maintenance.

Valvoline Duragear 80W-90 has been developed to provide stable viscosity even in high ambient temperatures resulting in consistent performance and increased component life. The use of this oil will also optimise manual transmission synchroniser performance resulting in smooth gear shifting.

The synthetic fortifications of Valvoline Duragear 80W-90 can also result in extended oil drain capabilities when used oil monitoring is incorporated into the service schedule. This can provide significant maintenance savings across a fleet. Valvoline have put the product through long term testing in Australia across the single to quad trailer spectrum.

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