Vale Nick Dimopoulos

On February 8, the National Transport Commission's Chief Executive Nick Dimopoulos passed away surrounded by his family. In announcing the sad news, the NTC sought to honour Dimopoulos's tremendous contribution to the organisation and the Australian transport industry.

“Nick was a visionary, a tireless champion for transport reform and a proud father and husband,” said the statement. “His positive influence on the ADC and the transport industry generally will be felt for years to come.”

Dimopoulos had been ill for some time with both Paul Sullivan and later George Konstandakos carrying out the role of Acting Chief Executive at different times. Konstandakos will continue as Acting CEO in the interim period until a successor is appointed.

Originally trained as an economist at the Australian National University, Dimopoulos would for a variety of organisations in the mining, agribusiness, logistics finance and infrastructure industries. He was appointed CEO of the NTC in 2006 and was involved with the development and implementation of a number of major reforms affecting the transport industry.

“Under Nick’s leadership, the NTC developed reforms that will be vital to the future of Australian transport, including the legislation for the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator,” said ATA Chairman David Simon. “Nick’s legacy will be safer and more efficient roads, railways and shipping. His family and friends can be proud of the work he did. Nick was not daunted by his illness. He continued to work in his demanding position even as it got worse. It was a display of bravery and grit that none of us who knew him will ever forget.”

Michael Kilgarriff, CEO of the Australian Logistics Council: “Nick was a tireless advocate for transport reform in Australia and he brought to the task enormous determination, purpose and vision. Importantly, he understood not only the economic benefits of reform, but also the social benefits which flow to all Australians. Nick played an instrumental role in developing national regulators for heavy vehicles, rail safety and maritime safety – all of which were recently established.”

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