Upping the Ante

A respected track record of speed and efficiency in delivering operational integration and change can also be applied to a succession of recent acquisitions at the AMA Group.

The advent of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) has brought road transport into an exciting new era of productivity and safety.

With it the heavy motor repair industry also enters a new phase in which high tech equipment, training and investment is now needed to repair and re-calibrate a commercial vehicle, featuring the latest in driveline, steering, wheel and collision prevention technology, after an accident.

At the forefront of this sector in the market is automotive aftercare and accessories specialist AMA Group, which understands as a leading business, the investment required in order to return vehicles to original manufacturer’s specifications — something independent operators may find very difficult.

Prevailing electronic systems, many of which were foreign to the best repair and maintenance technicians less than a decade ago, now form a critical role in automated transmissions, driveshaft cooling pumps, rain sensors and vehicle stability controls.

“We’re in a new world and unless you can invest in the technology to be able to repair an ADAS vehicle you will be at the back of the race,” says Darren Wales AMA Heavy Motor Division CEO.

Following the merger of his successful Wales Truck Repair & Wales Bus Repair businesses with AMA Group in 2019, Wales has overseen, in little more than a two-year span, the company add another nine major heavy motor facilities to its growing stable.

That arm of AMA Group, known as the Heavy Motor Division, now includes Newcastle’s National Truck Repairs and National Central, the latest acquisition expanding an impressive heavy vehicle repairs and services footprint across Australia.

It now joins Parins Truck Repairs (Perth), All Transport Smash (SA), Western Truck Repairs (Vic), Recar Truck Repairs (Brisbane, Townsville, Clayton), Wales Truck Repairs (NSW) and Wales Bus Repairs (NSW).

The national clients, among others, have relished the opportunity to finally have a dedicated, truly national repair network according to Darren.

“The response from the industry at large has been overwhelming,” he says.

“Myself and the AMA team are laser-focused on providing our clients, both transport operators and insurers alike, with exceptional service and competitive pricing structures,” he says.

AMA Group’s insurance partners have been particularly supportive of the company’s recent growth and trajectory.

The benefits of dealing with an ASX-listed public company, with its transparency, economies of scale and regulatory governance, is there for all to see according to Darren.

Having superior craftsmanship from an experienced team of repair professionals certainly helps stake a reputation in an industry where quality and reliability not only matter, they are everything.

Streamlined parts purchasing on a national basis with the ability to work closely with original equipment manufacturers in gaining valuable repair processes and techniques is vital.

“We have a great relationship with our OEMs a ‘one-stop-shop’ for truck, bus and coach repairs,” says Darren.

“Like other great businesses relationships can make or break a company. Two-way communication, understanding and problem-solving ultimately determines the quality of a partnership, and that’s a priority in any engagement with our customers, and potential customers.”

Despite the exciting new developments at AMA Group, Darren values the people he works with which remains his number one priority.

“We have a great team around us with a passion for the heavy motor industry and repair industry. I can’t speak highly enough of the dedication and commitment that our team have shown, not only in our business, but across the AMA support team,” he says.

“I have been in the industry for over 30 years and I think that I have learnt more in the past 12 months from our people than I have in many years.”

He adds, “I’m extremely proud of our team.”

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