Uniden Wireless Power Series

Uniden has revolutionised the way gadgets, such as mobile phones and GPS devices, are charged with the introduction of the Wireless Power Series – Australia’s first wireless power pad and accessories.

Ideal for charging mobile phones, bluetooth headsets, portable GPS systems and many other mobile devices used in the road transport industry, the wireless power pad eliminates a multitude of cords and makes charging a simple affair. Compatible with over 600 devices, a single Uniden Wireless Power Pad can charge up to five devices simultaneously.

“These days we all rely on a multitude of mobile devices – whether we are out and about in the workplace or backpacking around the world. Unfortunately, this means we have to rely on an unwieldy collection of charging cords and batteries as well,” said Uniden Senior National Marketing Executive Brad Hales.

“Making life easier through the creation of innovative wireless products has always been the focus at Uniden and now with the introduction of the Wireless Power Series, recharging is as easy as drop and charge, grab and go. A single Uniden Wireless Power Pad placed on the kitchen counter or desk can possibly charge a variety of mobile phones overnight.”

Wireless power pads work by employing conductive charging. The pad is instantaneously activated when metal-on-metal contact occurs between the pad and a supplied sleeve.

Completely safe, the direct metal-on-metal contact allows for a very efficient and secure power transfer without generating harmful radiation, microwaves or magnetic fields. The pad itself is so thin that it can blend into any environment and eliminates the needs for multiple cords which would normally clutter the home or office.

The Uniden Wireless Power Series is available from leading electronics retailers.

For further information visit the Uniden website www.uniden.com.au.

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