‘Ultimate’ fuel savings

From 1 July 2014, the Federal Government plans to apply a carbon price to heavy road transport vehicles above 4.5 tonnes. BP explains that from this date, diesel fuel tax credits received by trucking operators for on-road use would fall 6.858 cents per litre as a result.

Recently, BP conducted its own testing in Australia to prove the fuel savings that can be achieved through the use of its BP Ultimate Diesel. The product was used in a six month trial by Giacci Bros Pty Ltd at its Geraldton depot in Western Australia.

Giacci Bros runs in excess of 100 trucks throughout Australia. Its fleet of seven Volvo 660hp trucks at Geraldton are used to complete 600km round trips carting copper throughout the state and operating 24 hours a day, six days a week.

Giacci Bros CEO, Peter Giacci first realised the benefits of BP Ultimate Diesel after he used the product in his car and noticed a significant reduction in fuel usage. And it was this that led him to further investigate BP Ultimate Diesel.

Results of testing were obtained using a dynamometer with testing occurring prior to the introduction of and after six months (over 140,000km) running on Ultimate Diesel.

Fuel consumption savings of up to 2.6 per cent were recorded using Ultimate Diesel when compared to standard diesel fuel. Throughout testing, it was also found that engine performance was maintained, whilst power and torque were improved. These results are on par with recent testing of the product in Europe.

Fuel is the single biggest cost that operators are faced with. Environmentally conscious fleets and operators throughout Australia, and indeed the world, are turning to new, cleaner engine technology. But although modern, sophisticated diesel engines do indeed reduce emissions and fuel consumption, they can also be more susceptible to harmful deposit build up due to streamlined injector profiles, reduced injector hole sizes, tighter internal component tolerances and increased engine pressures. Such harmful deposits can lead to reduced engine efficiency and reduced engine power, thus impacting on fuel economy.

BP Ultimate Diesel is designed to keep engine injectors clean and free of deposits, as well as provide long term protection of the engine by preventing corrosion in the fuel system. During filling, BP Ultimate Diesel also works to reduce foaming for a quicker, safer and cleaner fill up.

BP Ultimate Diesel was recently released into the market and is now available in bulk in South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland.

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