UD Trucks a winner for Geelong company

After purchasing a UD truck to trial on its delivery fleet in order to transport completed pre-fabricated timber trusses and wall frames to building sites, Timbertruss decided to implement more UD vehicles into its fleet.

The purchasing manager, Travis McDonald, said that the first UD truck that was to work in 2008 performed so well that as more trucks became ready for renewal, the decision was made to purchase these from UD Trucks.

“That first UD shaped up so well in terms of initial purchase price, fuel economy and driver comfort that it was hard to choose another brand for ongoing purchases,” said Travis.

“Following the initial PK10 we purchased another similar truck and then had to replace some of our prime movers, so we had a close look at UD’s GW line up.

“They measured up in every area and we have since purchased a GW400 and two GW470s for delivering our heavier frames and trusses on semi trailers.”

The company now has five UD trucks in its fleet and is considering adding more to the fleet as the arises.

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