UD launches new generation Quon

UD has announced it will launch the next generation Quon model at the Brisbane Truck Show in May.

Specifics on the Australian version of the new model will be kept under wraps until the Queensland reveal, but UD already indicated it focused on five key areas of improvement during the adaptation process – drivability, fuel efficiency, safety, productive and uptime.

UD Trucks’ latest electronically controlled automated manual transmission, ESCOT-VI, will reportedly be part of the package, for example, as will UD’s 11-litre GH11 engine, which complies with the most recent Japanese exhaust gas regulations.

The Quon will also feature the brand’s ‘Fuel Coach’ system, which displays driving advice to help drivers achieve further improvement in fuel economy.

On the safety front, UD said Australian transport businesses can expect the company’s ‘Traffic Eye Brake’ collision mitigation system to make an appearance, which uses both a high-precision radar and a cabin-mounted camera for dual-monitoring of the road ahead.

Reducing the new model’s tare weight has reportedly also been high on the agenda.

Joachim Rosenberg, Executive Vice President of Volvo Group and Chairman of UD Trucks, commented,  “The new generation Quon marks a new era for UD Trucks and further reinforces our position as a serious contender in the heavy-duty truck market.

“The new generation Quon not only complies with the latest emissions regulations, it also delivers significantly better performance across the board that will enable us to leapfrog into a stronger position within heavy-duty market in Australia and New Zealand.”

Mark Strambi, Acting Vice President of Sales for UD Trucks Australia, added that the new generation Quon will redefine how Australia perceives Japanese heavy-duty trucks in general and the Quon in particular.

“The new Quon is a huge step for UD Trucks, but also for Japanese heavy-duty trucks in general. The world-class technology available in [across] the range has never been seen before on Japanese trucks in Australia.

“The new Quon gives us access to models not previously offered in Australia, which will significantly enhance our ability to offer our customers a comprehensive offering, backed up by the largest dealer network in Australia and New Zealand.”

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